About the RIDQC Certification

Raising the Bar for Interior Design Professionals:

The Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification & Exam ;

The RIDQC Certification exam is available for students in the USA and International students.

A grade of 70% is required for the successful passing of the RIDQC Certification Exam.
The RIDQC Certification Exam is available to both aspiring designing individuals who have participated in a recognized educational course and interior designers, who are looking to advance their education, career and professional status in the interior design industry. If you are driven to succeed and dedicated to your profession, successful completion of the RIDQC Examination will increase your professional status and credentialing. The RIDQC Certification Exam will both enhance your status when meeting new potential clients, as well as increase your credentials among residential interior design peers who have also reached this higher level of certification achievement. The RIDQC program is recognized as an industry standard for excellence, and certification can be the professional boost you need to grow your business and your reputation.

Eligibility Requirements

Practitioners of residential interior design with the required hands-on residential interior design experience, design-related education, or combination of the two are eligible to sit for the RIDQC Exam. The RIDQC Certification exam is available for students in the USA and International students.
The following requirements meet the criteria for testing:

State and local colleges in your area offering an interior design complete course. Email us if you have any
questions concerning your school. support@ridqcexam.org

New York Institute for Art and Design "NYIAD" has been approved by the RIDQC certification exam.
Two year interior design associates degree.
Three years of hands-on interior design experience in combination with a degree in interior design or another
design-related field

Two years of hands-on interior design experience in combination with a four or five-year degree in interior
design or another design-related filed.

Successful completion of a four-year or six-year degree program in interior design.
Seven years or more practicing in the field of interior design.


Part I - Multiple Choice

Part I of the exam consists of 100-122 multiple choice, 2-4 short essay questions and fill in the blank questions. Our multiple choice format includes four potential answers per questions, and tests are computer scored upon completion. You will be allowed two hours to complete Part I.

The multiple choice section, will require a basic understanding of business practices, the ability to recognize furniture styles and periods, design processes fundamentals, Universal design, Green design, textiles, materials and professional ethics.

Part I must be successfully completed before the candidate can submit their emailed request to take Part II.

Students who fail the exam are allowed to take it over. After 3 failures students are set up with an RIDQC student advisor to discuss any issues that may be addressed to help them with successful completion of the certification.

Exam location: Test will be taken from your personal computer.

Part II - Practical Design Problem

This section is for students who have not submitted a practical design problem in a course prior to this certification.

Individuals taking our exam who have already completed a practical design problem floor plan while taking a course. In those cases, that project photo - along with the grade they received - can be submitted to satisfy the requirements of Part II of the certification exam. You must submit your graded practical portion of your course to qualify for certification.

Part II of the exam requires completion of a practical design problem stemming from a client profile. Individuals must illustrate their ability to create a floor plan and elevation, a schedule for furnishings and fixtures, a plan for electrical and lighting, a schedule for window treatment elevation, and a finishing schedule.

Through completion of the design problem, individuals will show competency in basic drafting, elevation drawing, space planning, lighting plans and barrier-free design. Six hours are allowed for completion of Part II of the RIDQC Certification Exam.

Students who have completed a practical Design Problem floor plan in a course. Please email support@ridqcexam.org to approve your interior design course practical design submission.