Frequently Asked Questions

•Q: I am enrolled in the interior design course with NYIAD. Could you please tell me where the exam locations are. I live in Massachusetts.
The exam is proctored online through your computer, from your home or office. The exam is scheduled by you from an online portal. Instructions for the process are provided after logging into your student console on the RIDQC site.
•Q: Is this an open book exam?

This is not an open book exam.
Notes are not allowed during the exam.
Many students have experienced success after reading through the manual and studying all of the definitions.
The most successful students have used index cards OR CREATED "FLASH CARDS" to study the definitions /practice by placing an answer on one side.

•Q: I am interested in taking the Certified Residential Interior Designer located at the University of Central Florida, however I just wanted to know if the courses are accredited to where I am able to take the RIDQC Exam?

Thank you for your interest. Please send us more information. Details on the contact person at your school along with the official title of the course. Thank you for your time and we will get with you soon!

•Q: I am looking to get my RIDQC certification by embarking on the Interior Design Course via NYIAD. Once RIDQC certified, how long is the certification valid? Would I have to renew after a certain period of time?

Thank you for contacting RIDQC certification. Congratulations on your decision to study with NYIAD, they offer an exceptional curriculum.
RIDQC certification is valid for 3 years after passing. You will be emailed a notice after 3 years to take a short "update" test.
The test is $60. for the proctor fee online, it is a short test and you will be emailed a few pages to study at that time. This is a standard process to keep the RIDQC certification valid.

•Q: I recently signed up for the RIDQC certification through my local college.
I was wondering how I am able to get my log in information?

Thank you for contacting RIDQC certification. Your welcome letter along with log in information typically takes 2-3 weeks to process. We suggest that students wait until they have completed their course to begin studying.
•Q: Do I need to answer each question or can I leave one I am not sure of and go back later during the 2 hrs?

You are able to go back to a question.
•Q: Is the exam multiple choice of definitions or do I have to write out the definitions?

Multiple choice you are not writing out the definitions. Knowing the definitions will prepare you for the test questions. Please make sure that you have read the manual. If you take the exam with strong knowledge of the definitions you are in a very good position to pass.
•Q: Do you have a site with example test questions?

Thank you for contacting RIDQC, we do not offer a site with test questions. Students have experienced success by reading through the manual and studying all of the definitions. The most successful students have created "FLASH CARDS" to study the definitions /practice by placing an answer on one side.

The exams are on a rotating basis.
The approximate number of multiple choice questions 75-85 , true or false 10-25 and short essays 4-6.
The numbers vary with more or less in each category. The exam consist of 100-115 questions.

•Q: My state requires a state exam to practice commercial interior design is this the state exam?

Thank you for contacting RIDQC certification. Some states require a state exam for commercial interior design and for the ability to pull plans. Those states may require the passing of the NCIDQ or the CCIDC in California.
Taking the RIDQC is recognized as a Residential Interior Design Qualifying Certification. Certification proves that you are willing to go the distance and that you are seeking Residential Interior Design as a profession. We have been certifying students since 2003 in colleges that offer 2 year programs for Residential Interior Design.

There are a hand full of states that require state tests for interior designers to separate the students who have had 4 or more years of college / have met the requirements listed in those states and can practice commercial design and are allowed to pull plans . After taking the NCIDQ exam or the CCIDC in California.
We are not the NCIDQ exam. We are focussed on Residential Interior Design. You will not be licensed for commercial interior design or granted the ability to pull plans.

Some states "Title" this designer as "registered" some title the state tested designer as" licensed "and some use the title "certified". Many don't have the "Title" act or state test. Example: NY and NJ use the title "Certified " for their designers who have taken the state exam after 4 years of college/and or meeting state requirements and who have passed their state exam. Therefore NY and NJ students can not use the title "Certified" even though they have been certified through us. They must clearly state "Residential Interior Designer" certified with RIDQC. (not to be confused with state exam after 4 years of schooling)
If you are moving forward as a professional, credentials will provide that extra layer of professionalism. You will also be listed on the DSA site for Residential Interior Design and allowed to use the RIDQC and the DSA logos. (You can state Residential Interior Designer/ certified with RIDQC you can also use the logo for RIDQC after passing the exam).
It is important not to mislead the public into thinking that you have passed your state exam.

Listing credentials is why colleges and NYIAD have asked us to certify their students. Regardless of the state you are in you may always list your credentials.

•Q: Is this exam the RIDQC part of the path for the California state exam?

YES, California has listed the RIDQC as part of the requirements in : Path 3 and Path 4 of the state exam. . Click on FAQ on the site third line down in the left column.