You are an NYIAD student or graduate enrolled in the RIDQC certification exam program. You should have received your log in information for your RIDQC Certification. This password allows you to access a download for the study manual and schedule your online exam.

We suggest testing for the RIDQC certification once you have completed your NYIAD course for the following reasons:
Firstly, many of the subjects that you will study in your NYIAD course will also be present in the exam. This will instantly form a connection and understanding. Secondly, you will have a final project in your NYIAD course that will account for Part 2 of the RIDQC exam. Thirdly, your RIDQC purchase will not expire, so don't feel pressure to complete immediately. Time is on your side.

When you are ready to study for the RIDQC certification: The best suggestion for study, is to make sure that you know the definitions of the bolded words at the end of each chapter. They are terms and words used often as a professional designer. They are also listed for your convenience at the end of each chapter. Definitions in Part I of the exam will be the portion of the exam that you will be required to pass as an NYIAD student.

The practical portion of the projects that you complete or have completed for your NYIAD course will be the grade submitted for Part 2 of the RIDQC Certification. NYIAD students are not required to take Part 2 of the RIDQC certification exam.

You are attending a recognized school for your studies, NYIAD. This will contribute greatly to the success and completion of your certification.

Since you are an NYIAD student, you will not be required to take “Part 2” of the certification exam, the “Practical” portion, this typically represents a 6 month preparation period.

We have included some additional information below that you may find helpful.

NYIAD students are the ONLY non college affiliated students approved for this certification.
NYIAD students are only responsible for PART I of the Certification Exam. No manuals or notes are allowed during the exam. It is best to know your definitions well and you will succeed in the passing of the exam. We also suggest reading the manual, there are many images and it is not as overwhelming as it seems. Much of the material will be familiar since you have taken an interior design course.
Part I consists mostly of definitions and multiple choice questions. The definitions are provided to you in a manual that is downloaded from the student RIDQC log in page. Definitions are located at the back of each chapter. The manual is 240 pages of valuable information, including 600 color photo examples as well as contracts and professional practices.
NYIAD students are eligible to participate in Part I of the Certification whenever they feel properly prepared.
All students will pay a proctor fee at the time of the exam, the fee is sixty dollars.
The RIDQC certification process for the NYIAD student will be completed once the student has submitted the NYIAD course completion grade to the RIDQC as Part 2 of the certification final grade.
NYIAD students are the ONLY non college affiliated students who DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN PART 2 of the EXAM CERTIFICATION. NYIAD students will submit their final passing grade from the NYIAD course instead of taking PART 2 of the exam. This is a substantial benefit for NYIAD students. (Part 2 is a six month process) NYIAD has submitted the projects and practices required by students and received approval for this privilege. NYIAD students will submit their final grades to RIDQC instead of participating in Part 2 of the certification exam.
Expiration Date: Once you have purchased the RIDQC Certification exam, you are registered in our system. Your registration for the exam will be valid for 5 years. Students may request an extension.
There is a printed version of the manual available for purchase.
Students can print manual or save download from the student console for free.
Exam is taken online through a proctor. Students can schedule the exam from an online portal at their own convenience.
Exam is 2 hours.
Re-taking the exam is allowed up to three times. A proctor fee will be charged by the Proctor company each time you test. Proctor fee of $60 to be paid when test is taken.
Students will never pay for the exam materials again after the first time and there is not an expiration on the purchase. Students who fail three times will be referred for additional mentoring and a review period.
This certification exam Part I has a high passing rate for those who study the definitions.
NYIAD has worked very hard to establish this relationship for their students. For a professional, the recognized third party certification status is invaluable. Studies have proven that certification credentialing increases the amount of clients and income of those who have obtained its status.

Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

Warm regards,
RIDQC Loyalty Team