What the Students have to say

Even with a four year accredited degree in Interior Design, along with many years of experience I find it very important to acquire certification both for potential clients, as well as to stand out from competitors. Being R.I.D.Q.C. certified allows me to instill more confidence in my clientele, as well as in myself.
Mandana B

I have enjoyed the RIDQC Certification curriculum. The curriculum has been stimulating and insightful. Help has always been an email away, ready to answer any and all questions I have had in this process. I will recommend this program to all who seek this certification.
Erica F.

Hello! I just received my certification completion email. I just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience! I’ve learned so much, and the program content was perfectly designed and executed. I had so much fun, and although the program required work and effort, it really didn’t feel much like work at all because I enjoyed the learning experience. It was very timely and encouraging with your feedback, too! Thank you for everything. I’m leaving your course feeling very inspired, excited, and prepared. :)
Kim S

I wanted to say thank you so very much. This RIDQC Certification has gone above and beyond to be helpful, and the course has given new life and excitement into my love and passion for design. By the way, the client hired me to do the whole house and I'm having a blast! With all my sincerity, thank you!
Kyle H

It was AWESOME! So much more to learn and looking forward to a successful business adventure! Thank you for the knowledge and the credentials. I am ready! :-)
Kevin K

I have reached a point in my life where I am able to concentrate on myself and to push toward following my dreams and passions. I continue to mentor my boys in how important obtaining an education is and that we not only learn from books but we learn from life if we are open to experiencing it to the fullest and recognize when opportunities present themselves, in whatever form that may be. As I close the correspondence, again I would like to say "thank you" for this opportunity.
Jackie P

Advice for taking and passing the RIDQC from a star student - We have asked Christina to share her secret to scoring an exceptional grade on the RIDQC exam and this was her response:
Hello Cindy,
Thank you for your email. I am so surprised that you think my score was exceptional! :)
Study Secrets: I think that it is beneficial to go ahead and take the RIDQC directly after finishing the NYIAD course. That way you have everything fresh and can go back to the NYIAD web page and read if you wonder about anything in the RIDQC study guide.
I also wrote down all of the words and definitions in an Excel sheet after I read each chapter. Then I studied the words and definitions every day for three days before the exam.
I also made a timeline on a piece of paper and filled in all the events like Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance so that I have a picture of the history.
Thank you once again! I am so happy that I made it! :)
Kind regards,
Christina Richardson Interiors

Thank you so much for your feedback throughout this certification process. It has really helped me move forward very positively towards my certification. I am so happy to be near completion and venture off on my own to create my own business in the near future. During this certification program, so much has happened in my life and in my surroundings. I love Interior Decorating and also drawing, painting, ceramics, molding making and casting in clay, photography and art history from prehistoric to now and I really love the High Renaissance too. I really love art! Thank you for providing this program to someone like myself, who really needed the convenience of an online certification program, while working full time. I am now starting a new job in the field I have been studying for. Again, thank you so much for providing this program.
Lauren B

Thank you for my educational experience, I’ve really enjoyed the certification process. I’ve learned so much about the residential interior design industry. I overcame many challenges, due to this process and my family’s positive encouragement. I truly thank you for your time and help. Raising my status level in this field has meant the world to my career!
Latoya W

The Residential Interior Designer Certification was a wonderful experience for me, a person with three years of college, who was wanting to enter the residential interior design field. The Certification process was extremely helpful with my career advancement and confidence. I greatly appreciate the level of enthusiastic support and the personal and prompt attention offered cheerfully to a student at every turn. I particularly enjoyed the way the certification program was written — in a spirit of friendliness and optimism — and still so informative, yet easy to read. I would recommend this course to any residential interior designer.

There are so many words and feelings I have right now, but all I can bring myself to say is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! THANK you for this course and teaching me so many new things. This certification has expanded my knowledge of things I thought that I already knew a lot about! I am proud to finally accomplish something I been wanting to do for such a long time. I am proud of my accomplishment and for my overall grade! I am thankful for everything the RIDQC has done for me.
D. LeBlanc

From A Professor

Taking the RIDQC, (Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification) is an essential conclusion to a rigorous course of study. The exam validates the knowledge base of the newly trained residential interior designer. Many professionals have mandatory exams, which must be passed before the new doctor, teacher, lawyer, nurse, etc., can practice the craft for which the individual is trained. By voluntarily taking the RIDQC the candidate for certification is demonstrating a high level of professionalism. This nationally recognized exam gives the residential interior designer a prestigious credential that gives flexibility in the marketplace and expands the horizons for the new professional. After all the hard work and training in an extensive course of study, why not take the RIDQC?
Lydia Kimler, M.S., NBCT, DSA
Interior Design Instructor, Erwin Technical College

Lydia Kimler, received her Master's Degree in Interior Design from Florida State University in 1981. She has owned her own consulting business and has worked as a designer for a local design studio. She has taught design for Hillsborough Community College and now focuses full-time on teaching Interior Design Services for Erwin Technical Center.

Recently Certified Designers
Thank you for this program to someone like myself, who really needed the convenience of an online course while working full time as a nanny and now starting a new job in the field I have been studying for.
Again, thank you so much for providing this program.
Lauren Burton RIDE Certified
To start my career as a certified interior designer gives me the confidence to proceed knowing I can reassure my clients I have extensive knowledge in the field to support future projects with ease. Being a designer is an amazing layered process of details and a big responsibility, the most rewarding job I can imagine.
All the best

Charlotte Heminway
"Becoming a certified designer has opened up a new world to me, I am finally able to use my creativity to bring happiness and beauty to someone's home. My eyes are now open everywhere I go, whether through travel or just walking into someone's home. I take in the architecture, I try to visualize the exquisite design by other designers and it really feels like a career choice that will let me utilize my talents."
Lyndsay R.

I chose the field of interior design to be self-sufficient and to be able to work a flexible schedule to support my kids. As a single mom of a college, high, middle, and elementary kids, Interior design has inspired me, to show them the can-do attitude that will set them apart from others, no matter where they go.

Thank you.
Leslyan Jones
Residential Interior Design Education

Hi! Thanks for the opportunity!

First off, this certification is really exciting because this is a career path that I’m super excited about. I currently work for Restoration Hardware and I know there are numerous opportunities for myself. After graduation from WCU, I decided I wanted to further my education and learn new skills.

Victoria Bartholomew

Good morning! I've learned so much about the residential interior design industry. I haven't had an educational course in many years so it was challenging to get back in the swing of homework & projects LOL but I overcame many challenges, due to your and my family's positive encouragement. I truly thank you for your time and help. Certification will give me the education and confidence boost to reach a professional level.
Latoya W
RIDE Certified

I am a residential interior designer from the Bronx, New York. My passion for interior design is motivated by the ability to turn any space into something truly spectacular. It allows me to create and recreate and bring out the artist in myself in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
Julissa Contreras

We are all THRILLED with your program, to say the least.
Donna W RIDE Certified

“It was a long trip for this certification, but it brought me great self-confidence and valuable proof as an interior designer.”
Yoko Uno
RIDQC Certified
RIDQC Certified
“Design to me is creating a story and a feeling when you walk into or see a picture of space. It needs to spark inspiration, bend the rules & is always over the top with details.”
Laura West


I'm a minimalist with passion in the Bauhaus design style. Completed my course with the New York Institute of Arts & Design.

Name: Juneid A. Othman
I really enjoyed the certification education and have learned so much! Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sadie E
DSA Certified
This has meant a lot to me, and I'm grateful for the time you have taken to point me in the right direction & encourage me!
Thank you again, I regret not being able to meet you in person!
Thank you so much for everything!
In the spirit of design,


Good evening

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and your feedback. I really enjoyed the course and studying with you. I will keep working on learning and growing from that.

Thank you again, it was a pleasure!

Sincerely, Vadim Malibu, California

... I know this is the career for me since every lesson is enjoyable and a learning experience. I have not found anything to be boring. Even in the areas that I feel that I am naturally good at, I still find that I am learning something new. I wish I would have started this career choice 20 years ago! I look forward to each lesson and my new future. A person is never too old to learn something new or start a new path.
Have a beautiful day!
Candice D. California

I have really enjoyed this certification course and I want to thank you for all the support, feedback, and help throughout! I have learned a lot and will now be able to use these skills to help me be the best I can be! thank you! I hope you like my Project :) now for the tests ......

6/ 05/ 2020
South Carolina
RIDE Certified
Thank YOU!
I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all your feedback for all of my submissions. Your thoughtfulness and input meant a lot to me. The program was great.
I will miss you! (and your glowing feedback) ;)
Considering contracts and pricing is a little overwhelming but I'm going to try to start small to keep some momentum going.
I just looked you up on LinkedIn, is that your beautiful horse?! I just tried therapeutic riding before it got too cold to ride this Winter...
Thank you for everything!

Princeton, MA
OMG!!! you are super awesome!
It's been such a pleasure.
I am inspired and motivated to do more.
Thanks for your great feedback and all that I've learned throughout this class. You are phenomenal!
Thanks for supporting me all the way. I hope I'll get a feedback survey or please let me know how I can share my comments.
Leslyan J
It's been such a great pleasure taking this journey with you. At one point I thought I wasn't going to make it but thanks to you I can say, I DID IT!
Have a successful year!

Kate C.
Mon 1/6/2020 5:34 PM
Springfield, MA
Thank you for creating the certification program and for your dedication to helping students like me gain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in residential interior design. Your kindness and encouragement made my program journey very enjoyable and I truly learned a lot!

I appreciate the emphasis you have placed on creating a sustainable design (something I have never thought about before starting the program) that is now instilled in me. The feedback you gave every lesson was very important to me because not only did they make me good about my work (the assignments) but gave me the confidence I needed to create a successful design project (the final presentation board). I hope to continue this as I start to build a career in residential interior design. I am more excited now to start designing my own home! Once again, thank you for all you‘ve done.

Katherine M
Aubrey, Texas

13th Annual Northwest Design Awards
Do you remember I entered the 13th Annual Northwest Design Awards contest back in the fall sponsored by Seattle Design Center? In the student category, I won 2nd place! At the award ceremony!
You deserved to be proud. Your course rocked the Northwest.
The awards are going to be given at the Seattle Design Center Gala "SDC" with the industry leaders and media present. The ceremony is on my birthday, March 8. It’s not heavily publicized yet, but it’s mentioned on the SDC website here and also the SDC Facebook page here. I was e-mailed just a few days ago with good news. I put a PDF together to give you a more detailed look and my entry.

The Residential Interior Designer course was a wonderful experience for me, a person with already three years of college in an unrelated area of study, wanting to enter the interior design field. The instructor, Natasha Lima-Younts, was extremely helpful; she was eager to share her professional knowledge and experience. I greatly appreciate the level of enthusiastic support and the personal and prompt attention offered cheerfully to a student in every turn. I particularly enjoyed the way the course was written -- in a spirit of friendliness and optimism -- and still so informative, yet easy to read. I would recommend this course to any residential interior designer.
Best regards,
Lubomir Alexander Sloboda